How to Look More Attractive Men


There are tons of articles, blogs, videos, blogs, and consultancy agencies scratching their heads over how to look more attractive men. It is human nature that he is not grateful for what he has, but strive for something better and enhanced, the same phenomenon is implemented over physical appearance. So, we have shortlisted some bonus tips for guys who want to look better and impress their crush. Most of the time guys wants to impress some girl at their workplace, university, high school, or some random girl, so they try their best to enhance their looks and personality but ended up looking crap.

Because a little mistake can destroy your whole appearance. This attractive leads to confidence and adjustability in a bunch of unknown people. There are several vital benefits of looking handsome and attractive. Several guys think it is difficult for them to look attractive but it is not at all. With the help of a few tips and proper guidance, you can enhance yourself. But you need to strictly follow every piece of advice and you have to stay consistent because once a wise one said consistency is the key to take the key in your hands open the locks of attractiveness.

Be Kind To Look More Attractive:

Kindness is the foremost and most vital step to look attractive. Be kind to people without taking any interest in who they are or what they do. Studies show that guys who act kind and humble with waiters, janitors, and beggars are way more attractive to women than the rest. This humbleness may also make your personality better. It is psychologically approved, a humble person is always preferred over a rude and arrogant person.

Dress Properly To Look More Attractive:

The Dressing is the most important point here because a well fitted and tailored suit will make you 90% more attractive. It is a universally proved fact that a well-suited man is always preferred over a naked man with six-packs. Dressing sense doesn’t mean you should wear a suit at every occasion but it is meant to wear accordingly like your attire should match your personality, your outfit should portray your profession, and most importantly dress according to your age and physique. If you are going for an office meeting you should wear a formal suit with matching accessories but if you are going on a date with your girl. You have the freedom to dress casually and if you want to impress her wear a dress of her choice. A well fitted and tailored suit means it should fit you properly according to your present physique, a little alteration of pants and shirt will make them look remarkable. So a suit can also make you look more attractive.

Be Confident:

A confidant man always leads a bunch of high intellect people with no confidence because they have the power to interact with other people that leads them to be more attractive. Girls always like a confidant and bold guys because they need someone to look after them. If you are not confident don’t worry just start acting confidant, you will feel a change in your personality in the meantime and you will be considered confidant. Body language matters a lot to look more confidant and attractive. Look straight with shoulders wide and don’t make hump of your back while sitting or walking it makes you look submissive.


Physical appearance is more important to look attractive and appealing because an aesthetically build body is appealing than a bulky or skinny one. It can only be achieved by doing exercise daily for 1 to 2 hours. It could be cardio, weight lifting, jogging, mild walk, cycling, swimming, and push-ups. Push-ups plays a vital role in achieving a good looking yet lean body. Exercise not only make you look handsome but it also has a number of health benefits. According to studies, men or women who make exercise their routine, they tend to live longer than rest.


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