Wedding Attire for Men 2020


A wedding is the most important and integral part of everyone’s life. We will guide you properly about wedding attire for men 2020, so stay tuned with us. At a wedding function, a groom’s and bride always set sights at them when they enter the wedding hall, it is because they look different and disguised from others. Ladies admire the bride’s dresses and men admire the groom dress code, even the photographer passes compliments over the groom’s dress. It takes weeks to decide which dress to wear at someone’s wedding but Xtyleclub has made this uphill task easier for you guys. If you are the groom’s brother, his cousin, his close friend, or just a random guy going to someone wedding over an invitation card, that invitation card always excites everyone who receives it. But with this little excitement, there comes a little anxiety too, what to wear? Because if you are a random guy, you cannot look so formal over someone’s wedding. This is very important while shopping for a wedding dress that you should not draw attention from the couple, yeah you should look stylish, chic, fancy, and remarkable but do not overdress yourself with extra accessories. Keep this thing in mind that manscaping is also important to trim your beard and shorten your hair before going to someone’s big day, photographer just clicks at a random person without even knowing so be prepared otherwise you will look trash with a stylish suit.

Black Tie:

White Tie:

Casual Wedding Attire for Men 2020:

After being so formal, if you are not a very close friend or relative of the wedding couple than it is our advice to stay casual as much as possible but in a fancy and stylish way. It is way less confusing than shopping for a formal dress because it is up to your choice what to wear but if the wedding invitation has a theme, so bound to that theme. You can wear a chino or khaki with a white or printed shirt but it should have a decent pattern of stripes over it, you going to a wedding, not a party. Choose a tie matching with your attire because a tie will be a center point of your whole dressing. Wear some casual leather shoes matching with your current attire. As you are wearing a casual outfit so you can try colors but always take aesthetics seriously otherwise your whole look will be destroyed. It is one of the best Wedding Attire for Men 2020.


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