How to get rid of pimples


You are entering your teenage, facing many physical changes in your body. Pimples are popping at your face but you don’t know how to get rid of pimples? Xtyleclub is here to help you out with these zits and pimples. Acne is the part of everyone’s life either you are in your early twenties or late thirties, it can change the whole look of your face. Usually, pimples appear when our skin pores get dirty and dirt particles reside in them with sweat, it is a disease of hair follicles that affects almost all teenagers in their puberty period.

Acne starts with dead cells clogged in our skin pores. We should keep in mind that acne does not appear due to bacteria, although bacteria play a role in acne development and spread. It is the most common facial condition around the world, acne affects almost 80% of the people at some point in their lives. Sometimes, pimples and acne conditions are quite frustrating. It makes teenagers grumpy in their early teenage years when puberty is hitting. There are several reasons due to which pimples spread all over the face, it happens sometimes due to climate conditions and regions. Always keep in mind, these pimples will not vanish in a day or two, it needs proper care, face cleansing, and remedies. If pimple gets wiped off your face, it will leave blemishes and marks which should be taken care of with spot removal creams and blemish removals.

There are certain causes of pimples, mostly blackheads and whiteheads are main causes of pimples. Blackheads occur due to dirt particles mixed with sweat and face oil, those dirt particles reside on our skin pores which ultimately leads to pimples development. Some pimples are caused after inflammation; those inflammations are due to our bad eating habits. These pimples progress when we touch those inflammatory skin spots. So, xtyleclub has listed some remedies for our readers.

  • Drink more Water: 

A human body is comprised of 90% of water, so it means we need more water to neutralize our body system. We need to drink at least 8 to 12 glass of water every day and if facing acne issue, increase this quantity to 15 to 16 glass of water. Drinking water releases toxins from our bodies. It is the cheapest and natural remedy for pimples.


  • Tea Tree Oil:

It is the best remedy to fight with acne and pimples because tea tree oil not only fights with bacteria but also reduces inflammation from the skin due to pimples. Always keep in mind, tea tree oil is of high potency which can cause redness and irritation on the face when it is applied directly so it should be used after diluting it into ¾ part of water. A diluted solution should be applied gently with a cotton swab on pimples and bacteria affected areas. Apply this diluted solution twice a day for desired results till pimples vanish. It is very beneficial for the skincare routine; it should be the part of beauty box.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar:

Usually, apple cider vinegar is used in salads and various homemade food items, but it can also be used for pimple reduction and inflammation reduction. It is known to fight with numerous bacterial infections. It contains succinic acid which can be used to suppress inflammations. In the same way like tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar is diluted with one part of apple cider vinegar with three parts of water, always keep in mind that if your skin is sensitive than add more water to it. Apply it to pimples with the help of cotton swabs, the solution will sit in 5 to 10 seconds. Apply this solution twice a day and repeat the for a week. How to get rid of pimples is the main question of people especially women these days.


  • Honey and Cinnamon Mask:

These both are the best anti-oxidants. Antioxidants reduce inflammation and it is way more efficient for all skin tone. Researchers say that antioxidants contain vitamin B3, fatty acids, vitamin C, sodium ascorbic phosphate. These both have anti-inflammatory, antioxidants, and antibacterial properties. Mix honey and cinnamon each 1 tablespoon to make a paste. Apply the mask on the face and that mask sit for 10-15minute, wipe off the mask, and gently pat your face dry. People usually ask How to get rid of pimples.


  • Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is also a very beneficial remedy, it is mostly used in lotions, creams, and soaps commercially. It cures wounds and rashes. Aloe Vera plays a vital role in healing pimples and zits because it contains salicylic acid which fights with bacterial elements and reduces inflammations. It is Aloe Vera gel that is to be scraped out from Aloe Vera plant with the help of a spoon, apply that beneficiary gel directly on the skin twice a day. Aloe Vera gel is available in supermarkets or you can grow out the plant in your garden.


This was all about how to get rid of pimples for more amazing content and helpful beauty tips keep visiting xtyleclub.


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